About us

"Hoard Insurance is an IRDA Licensed General Insurance Broker house consist of 20+ top lead professional from industry with core expertise in understanding Client Insurance Business Portfolio and its requirement to reduce their business risk and by taking their burden of Insurance off their shoulders and allow them to focus on their core business.

In the competitive industry of insurance, many companies find it difficult to trust an agency with the protection of their everyday business operations. Insurance broking requires high degree of expertise as Hoard Insurance work as your Insurance Business Partners to ensure maximum protection from any unforeseen eventuality. Therefore, selection of product and Insurance Company becomes a key decision in this process.

Hoard Insurance has gone to great lengths to make sure every client feels confident in our abilities to handle their risk and to manage their business insurance portfolio.

At Hoard Insurance, we strive to not only provide you with the most competitive price available, but to also manage the risk of your business liability, Employee Benefits, Engineering asset and its project liability, Business Property and Business Fleets/Transportation.

Our aim is to play a predominant role in the insurance broking industry in India with a focus on giving more value to customers, innovative solutions, superior services, a professional team, and manage our corporate social responsibility."

Rajesh Kumar

CEO Hoard Insurance Brokers LLP